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Syncrotek to handle distribution in egypt and the middle eastern gulf

[Atascadero, CA - January 31, 2020] -- E.J. Sarmento, president of Wyred 4 Sound, is pleased to announce a new exclusive partnership with Syncrotek Holding for the distribution of Wyred 4 Sound products.


Mohamed Gabr and the good team at Syncrotek brings to the table a wealth of experience, combined with true audiophile passion, technical expertise, dedication as well as the first large venue audiophile speaker system that compliments our unique award winning audiophile products.  we are certain that this partnership will help develop our mutual brands and market presence is the middle eastern region.”


Mohamed Gabr comments, “Wyred 4 Sound has won an absolute sound editor's choice award every year for the last 7 years. with that pedigree, we decided we must try their products. after extensive testing for sound quality detail and reliability we decided to incorporate Wyred 4 Sound in our professional line. E.J. Sarmento (Wyred 4 Sound President) and Mohamed Gabr are currently working on a rack mounted solution for demo and playback targeting permanent installation and venue playback applications. it is needless to say that this unit will be fit for any high end setup be it commercial or residential.” E.J. States, “we are very proud of our company and we look forward to years of a productive partnership with Syncrotek Holding.”


With offices in Egypt and Saudi Arabia serving the middle east, Africa, and the gulf states, Syncrotek has a deep and established presence in this growing marketplace. for more information on Syncrotek, please go to for Egypt and Africa, please call +20 1005405000  or Email for Saudi Arabia and the gulf states call +966 58 214 0175 or Email


About Wyred 4 Sound: 

Wyred 4 Sound is an innovative company that prioritizes engineering excellence while pinpoint focusing on long-term reliability and class leading value. year after year Wyred 4 Sound has delivered on their goals while developing new products in multiple categories.

founded in 2010, Wyred 4 Sound and its sister brands - spread spectrum technologies and carver (Bob Carver corp recently acquired under the glass audio america umbrella) bring to the industry a leading dynamic in new products and manufacturing technologies dedicated to the development and delivery of “Made in America” offerings covering several price points and product genres. 


Wyred 4 Sound continues to grow with 2,000 customers worldwide today. products domestically made in the USA, with assembly testing and designing is all in house.

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