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WDQ-2000 Front.jpg


WDQ-2000 Quad-Channel Class D High Fidelity Power Amplifier, 2000W Per Channel @ 4Ω

Price: USD2,799

WDQ-800 Front.jpg


WDQ-800 Quad-Channel Class D High Fidelity Power Amplifier, 800W Per Channel @ 4Ω 


Price: USD 2,199

REL 212/SX


212/SX Builds On The Strengths Of The Legendary 212/SE. Upgraded Alloy Drivers With Carbon Fiber Blades Are Stronger, a New Flat Passive Radiator Extends Even Deeper & Our PerfectFilter™ Delivers Crushing Low Bass With Greater Speed & Air, Taking 212/SX Well Beyond its illustrious predecessor. 

Price: USD 2,199

Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1v2


DAC v2 Series

Based On Our Immensely Popular, Multi-Award-Winning Original DAC-1 & -2 Series, Our New DAC v2 Series Is Like An Upgraded "Classic". At The Heart Of The V2 Series Are All-New ESS Sabre PRO Chips. These New Chips Offer Many Significant Improvements Over Their Predecessors Including Higher SNR, More Filters, & The Latest Iteration Of ESS' HyperStreamDAC Technology. Additionally, The New V2 Series Will Feature Fully-Balanced Circuitry, Hi-Res PCM & 4x DSD-Capability, Upgraded Architecture, & Updated Casework With a New Color : Anthracite ray. 

Price: USD 1,324

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